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"Here to make the world of work a better place"

Joe Morrison

Dedicated Recruitment Expert and Employer Branding Enthusiast, committed to crafting Data-Driven Strategies and Inspiring Employee Engagement tools to drive your business forward.

Meet Joe Morrison

I’m a positive, personable and reliable individual.
An experienced Recruitment/Talent acquisition specialist with strengths lying in employer branding, leadership, and building recruitment process and strategy that is backed by data.
I also has a passion for EVP and employee engagement, and recently experience as Head of People.

Articles & Media

Appearances on podcasts and new clippings discussing Recruitment, Employee Engagement, and EVP. 


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Talking with my previous employer, Reorg.


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Discussing EMJ's Gold Medal Winning approach.


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Personal newsletter on Employee Value Proposition.


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Discussing Passion at work and EVP in action.


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Interview on EVP and my Recruitment journey.

My Video CV

Focusing on my most recent experience. For a full version contact me or follow the link at the top of the page for a PDF version.

More about Me

Find out more about the person behind the CV - with some of the highlights over the last few years as I aim to complete one new challenge every year!

The Cheer! Survey

Learn more about my EVP Survey -
I've created a new product that can help you uncover your Employee Value Proposition.


Daniel Vulf
Customer Success Specialist

Joe is the most professional recruiter I have worked with. He was very transparent when it came to the job duties, what would be expected of me and the compensation and benefits so there were no surprises. Joe’s professionalism definitely played in integral part in my decision, his hard work stood out to me.

Shasha Dai
Vice President - Reorg Asia
He is always warm to candidates, attentive to my needs as a hiring manager and moves the processes quickly... It's especially remarkable when considering the fact that I'm based in the U.S., Joe is in the U.K., and all our candidates are in Asia. Managing time differences and cultural nuances alone is no small feat. 
Kasia Brzoska
Head of Marketing

I have worked with Joe on a number of occasions when looking to fill both designer roles at Sainsbury’s. Joe demonstrated great listening skills in understanding our specific needs and requirements, and was able to introduce us to a pool of fantastic candidates! I strongly recommend Joe, who really cares about people.

Michael Tomback
Middle Market Legal Analyst
His responsiveness and kindness during the recruitment process was refreshing and authentic.
He was candid and supportive throughout the process and always provided knowledgeable and thorough answers to any of my questions. I am grateful to have had Joe along my candidate journey.

Talking about...

Some of the topics you'll see me writing about to my 22,000+ followers on Linkedin.

Employee Value Proposition

Helping employers understand the environment they deliver, and how employees can understand what's important to them.

Talent Acquisition & People Strategy

Supporting job seekers navigating the job market, and helping employers understanding the best approach to hiring for them.

How to improve Happiness at Work

Improving employee engagement and happiness at work, leading to pride in work, improved productivity, and better results for the employer.

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